Rosethorn Janna : Kind of like a Zyra / Janna mix.

Freljord Jarvan IV : I don't know anything about Jarvan IV. I really don't, I just thought that his little DEMACIA!! circle thingy would look cool in ice.

Riot Jax : It would look cool, take the Riot skin theme, and apply it to Jax. Idea by Headfrost.

Battle Bunny Jayce : THIS HAS TO BE A SKIN PLEASE! Basically the Battle Bunny Riven theme, but male, and his hammer / gun is a huge carrot.

Harajuku Girl Karma : Imagine if she was like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. That would be epic.

Karthus Karthus : Karthus. (I dislike this champion, and I think he's a waste of space, since not many people can use him effectively. So he get's a skin of himself. Like Mundo Mundo.)

Sassadin : Black Lady Kassadin. OH HELL YAH!

Sheik Katarina : Katarina is now Sheik from The Legend of Zelda. Your welcome?

Void Kayle : Kayle from the void. I think it would be cool ^^


Scyther Kha'Zix : Khaz could be from Pokemon too! :D

Connoisseur Kog'Maw : I think Kog already has every skin that could possibly fit him, so this is just a shot in the dark. ("Pleased to eat you!" and "My compliments to the chef but he tasted terrible!") Idea by Jake and Beemo99

Riddler LeBlanc : You know, the riddle guy from Batman. I'm not even sure that's his real name. Or her. Does it even cme from Batman? Whatever.

White Cane Lee Sin : Get it?

Sunbathing Leona : Leona in a swim suit type thing. Sword is an umbrella. Shield is a surfboard with Temo on it ^^ Idea by IronStylus.

Freed Lissandra : Lissandra's ice is all nice and clear / white instead of black or blood.

Frog Princess LuLu : I'd love to turn people into Frogs, wouldn't you?

Nyan Lux : Lux as a pop tart, with rainbow laz0rz, would be amazing. Idea by iHasCupquake (YouTube) She even did a splash art.