Quite a while ago I made a skin concepts blog, where I did EVERY SINGLE CHAMPION and gave them a new skin idea. Then my 3 posts got merged together into one and I lost 2/3 of the ideas. But that doesn't matter. I'm bringing this post up again because I think RIOT should take more ideas from the community. The community made skins normally sell the best anyways, right? Anyways, here we go!


Little Big Amumu : Amumu is now the dude from Little Big Planet.

Steel Legion Blitzcrank : Blitzcrank is made out of the material that makes up Garen and Lux's armor in their Steel Legion skins. It would look cool.

Arclight Diana : Take the Arclight Varus look, and slap it on Diana.

Ravin' Draven : Draven in his after work outfit, hitting it up at a rave party. His axes are glowsticks. It'd be freakin' epic.

Christmas Eve : Evelynn as Mrs. Clause or a type of Clause. A smexy one at that.

( FROM MY LAST POST, CALLED IT ) Unicorn Hecarim : Robot Unicorn Hecarim ^^ (now known as Arcade Hecarim)


Happy Elf Jinx : A little too happy if you know what I mean. It would be like Earnest Elf Teemo and Trist, but Happy Elf. She could wear elf clothes and be so KAWAII! ^u^

Surprise Party Jinx : (I really love Jinx, okay) It would be like surprise party fiddlesticks, but Jinx. If you see where I'm going with this. her Super Mega Death Rocket! could burst into confetti, Flame Chompers! could be birthday presents, Zap! could be silly string or whatever you call it, and the graphics would be changed (obviously)

That's all I really have okay? I don't get around enough anymore.

Any suggestions for skins leave them in the comments below, I'd love to see what the LoL community can come up with!!