I HAVE to tell you about a team fight failure on Summoners Rift.

I'm playing Orianna, my friend is playing Rammus, we have an Ahri on our team, a Jax (Jax didn't help), and Janna.

The enemy team consists of Elise, Lee Sin, Zed (the new champion), Teemo, and Garen.

Orianna and Rammus are laning on bottom against Elise who is soloing the bottom lane for her team at second blue team turret.

Elise gets low and flees into the Jungle.

Rammus chases her to kill her, Orianna follows.

Zed comes up from behind Orianna to kill her, and fails his living shadow into the golem camp.

Lee Sin comes up in front of Orianna to kill Rammus.

Rammus kills Elise with half health left.

Zed fails his razor shuriken and hits the golems, making thyem chase him.

Lee Sin attacks Rammus with his teleportation rush thingy.

Orianna uses Command : Attack then Command : Dissonance to hit Lee Sin.

Mostly basic attacks from all four members follows and then a bunch of crap happens.

Orianna is at about 300 HP left and flees to the bush leaving her ball out in plain sight, and sits in the bush.

Rammus becomes dangerously low so he starts fleeing.

Orianna fails to shield Rammus somehow (IDK) and Rammus manages to escape dangerously low.

Ahri spirit rushes into the fight and damages Lee Sin and Zed big time.

Zed retreats into the bush and starts to recall.

Ahri kills Lee Sin.

Orianna uses Command : Attack and her ball bursts through the wall, stopping Zed's recall 1 second away from recalling.

Ahri uses foxfire and kills Zed (KS) before Orianna can with Command : Dissonance.

Teemo runs in and kills a bystander Jax for a Kill.

Teemo finishes off Ahri for Double Kill.

Rammus comes back to help Orianna witha buff monster.

Teemo kills Rammus for Triple Kill.

Teemo chases down Orianna and does a fair amount of damage, and finishes her off with poison for Quadra Kill.

Janna is laning bottom, Teemo walks by, and kills her for Penta Kill.

Damn Teemo, no wonder my team got mad when I didn't ban you.