1 Growth 18 1 Growth 18
Health 465 (+70) Attack damage (+0)
Health regen. 2 (+0.75) Attack speed 0.68 (+2.7%)
No Resource   Armor 16 (+4)
    Magic resist. 30 (+0)
Attack range 550 Mov. speed 330

Clotho, the Weaver is a custom champion in League of Legends.

PS: I think I've created too many Support/Mage. Maybe the next one is Assassin/ADC?


Clotho's abilities have no cost related to them, and the use of her abilities is only limited by cooldowns. Instead she uses Yarn as her secondary resource. Clotho starts with 0 Yarn, and has a cap of 100 Yarn. She gains 1 Yarn every second.

String of Life
Perseverance mastery 2014

For every Yarn she has, Clotho deals 0.15% more damage. Attacking enemy restore 1 Yarn, plus 2 extra Yarn if she attack enemy champion.

RANGE: 700
Summoner's Insight mastery 2014

Active: Clotho strangles all enemy in target area, silences them and deals damage.

If Clotho has at least 50 Yarn, This ability will consume 45 Yarn and immobilize enemy seconds.

  • Diameter of AoE: 300

  • Magic damage: 55 / 100 / 145 / 190 / 235 (+ 55% AP)
  • Silence: 1 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 / 1.8 seconds
  • Immobilize: 1 / 1.15 / 1.3 / 1.45 / 1.6 seconds

Curtain of Destiny
RANGE: 700
The Box

Active: Clotho covers target area with her enigmatic fabric for 7 seconds. Enemy deals less damage if they attack Clotho and her allies from outside the area, but it takes more damage if it enters the area.

  • Damage Modification: 7% / 9% / 11% / 13% / 15% (+ 0.5% per 75 AP)
  • Enhanced Damage Modification: 9% / 11% / 13% / 15% / 17% (+ 0.5% per 50 AP)

If Clotho has at least 50 Yarn, This ability will consume 45 Yarn and increase its damage modification effect.

  • Diameter of AoE: 450

RANGE: 700
Aria of Perseverance

Active: Clotho unravels the fabric of reality itself, deals damage to all enemy in target area and slow them for 50% for 1.5 second. This ability also remove all absorption shield from enemy hit. Each enemy hit restores her 5 Yarn.

  • Diameter of AoE: 375

  • Magic Damage: 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 (+ 65% AP)

Loom of Fate
RANGE: 700
COOLDOWN: 120 / 110 / 100

Active: Clotho binds all enemy's string of life to her Loom of Fate 5 seconds. Enemies caught are stunned for 0.5 seconds. The loom continues to deals damage to enemy that stay within its 600 radius. Enemy can snap the strings by moving away for more than 600 units, but doing so will damage it and stun for 1.5 second.

  • Magic Damage Per Second: 50 / 75 / 100 (+ 15% AP)
  • Maximum Magic Damage Per Second: 250 / 375 / 500 (+ 75% AP)
  • Maximum Magic Damage Per Second (Enhanced Duration): 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 90% AP)
  • Snap Magic Damage: 175 / 250 / 325 (+ 50% AP)

If Clotho has 100 Yarn, This ability will consume 90 Yarn to increase its duration to 6.5 seconds and its stun duration for 0.5 second.

  • Diameter of AoE: 400


Once upon a time, when time was at its very beginning, two primordial forces were born: reality and fantasy. The reality took the fantasy's long hair to weave the fabric of the universe. The fantasy took one of the reality's eye and place it on the fabric, then the world was born.

Because the reality has his eye taken, we are blind to curtain things that only be seen in the darkness, in our dream, in our imagination. Because the fantasy has her hair taken, there is no chance to reach the very core of her, no chance to achieve the true clarification nor the true enlightenment.

Luckily, with enough practice, one can find the gap of the universe and escape to meet the fantasy. One of the very first people is Clotho. She was a simple tailor who accidentally ascended to enlightenment after she looked into the Well of Wisdom, mistook it for the ordinary well. After learned the origin of the universe, she, saw all of the uncivilized social, asked the fantasy for her hair. Then, the weaver of wonder, Clotho, was born.

Eons had passed, Clotho weaved every fabric of Runeterra. She dyed the hair in the red blood of reality and weaved the fate out of it. She washed the hair in the blue tear of fantasy and weaved the magic out of it. She spun the hair with her loom of fate, giving mankind a longer lifespan. With every ball of yarn full of fantasy's hair, Clotho created another piece of history.

Then came the young king. Clotho accidentally forgot to cut the last inch of yarn from him, allowed him to trace back to her. Excited by all of her power, he demanded her make him young and live forever, or he would take all yarn away. Terrified, Clotho pleaded him to leave. He didn't. Clotho can do nothing but weave him life. The yarn soon running into shortage. The king was angry. He forced Clotho to work hard on yarn like a slave, day after day, to extend his life.

Then Clotho had had enough. When the king turned his back, she pulled a trace of yarn from him. He quickly unraveled. Clotho collected the yarn and, after eons, peaked into the world. After saw all war and death, she decided to return to mortal realm to fix the problem caused by her creations themselves. Carrying her loom, Clotho will unravel the world and weave a new one, if necessary.

That's it, my child, the tale of universe. Now go to sleep.

Quotes Edit

Upon Selection
  • May my mistakes be undone.
  • Just a tangled sad yarn.
  • Strangle by your fate.
  • Here we SNIP!
  • Time to cast off.
  • I'll finish my work.
  • So unsatisfying.
  • You are just a spare.
  • Damned by the reality itself!
  • I need a new yarn.
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Return to your origin!
  • Worthless strings of life.
  • I see beyond your death.
  • Your destiny is fixed.
  • I'll tear you're fate apart.
  • Foul creation of misery.
  • You have only one stitch left.
  • Dangling by a thread.
  • I weave a new fate.
  • The path is woven.
  • To destiny and beyond.
  • Not all creations are perfect.
  • I'm casting on.
  • Lead me to the strings.
  • it is sure necessary.
  • Their fate cannot be fixed.
  • By heart or by force.
  • Delicately.
  • Trust in my vision.
  • What a broken fabric.
  • Weaving.
  • My sight is clear.
  • There's no light nor darkness.
  • This is the true power of universe.
  • What do you mean by that? Not all knitting women are old.
  • I weaved a scarf once. It took so many life to finish.
  • Yarn forward, slip, knit. Yes, it's the rhythm of life.
  • Life's like knitting. simple but complicated. Various with the same ending.
  • You cannot fight your fate. you cannot fight me!
  • I can unravel your very self and weave a new one.
  • You pattern of life is solely my choice!
  • Now you're before the fate and destiny itself.
Gains 50 Yarn
  • Enough for a small project.
  • Worth the time spent.
  • Let's see what we can do.
Gains 100 Yarn
  • Their fates are in my grasp.
  • My loom is ready.
  • Time to learn new pattern.
Casting Strangle
  • Strangle!
  • Choke 'em!
  • (Enhanced) Trapped!
  • (Enhanced) Entangle!
Casting Curtain of Destiny
  • I'll protect us.
  • They cannot fire through.
  • (Enhanced) Stand tall, my friends.
  • (Enhanced) The fates are our side.
Casting Unravel
  • Unravel!
  • Untangle!
  • Loosen!
  • Break apart!
Casting Loom of Fate
  • Machine of destiny.
  • Succumb!
  • (Enhanced) Follow my rule.
  • (Enhanced) Give up your fate.

Change LogEdit

April 9th, 2014
  • Lore added.
April 7th, 2014
  • String of Life
    • Gains 1 Yarn per second, down from 2 every half a second.
    • She now can restore Yarn by attacking enemy.
    • Each Yarn increases damage dealt for 0.15%, up from 0.1%.
  • Strangle
    • Cast range increases to 700, up from 600.
  • Curtain of Destiny
    • Cast range increases to 700, up from 400.
  • Unravel
    • Slow duration increases to 1.5 seconds, up from 1 second.
    • Cast range increases to 700, up from 600.
  • Loom of Fate
    • Initial damage removed.
    • Magic damage per second increases to 50 / 75 / 100 (+ 15% AP), up from 40 / 60 / 80 (+ 10% AP).
    • Yarn bonus increases its stun duration for 0.5 second, no longer double it.