Well, I have too much free time so I want to ask you.

What is your favorite shipping(s) in league? (Insert sound here)

Mine would be:

  1. 1 Zed ZeSyndra dra (Since Zed's release, I immediately ship them)
  2. 2 Nami NamNautilus ilus (Used to be Nami NamFizz zz, but I just notice how cute Nami and Nautilus would be. Friendly mermaid and lonely titan and *squee*)
  3. 3 Lissandra LizzZac andra (I'll left you this pic.)

PS. Veigar HatLulu shipping and Vi Piltover's Caitlyn Finest is considered official so, well, I didn't include them.

PS. 2 Threesome, foursome, fivesome, xsome is welcomed.