• Kattzkitti

    Nora Valkyrie of JNPR

    October 23, 2013 by Kattzkitti

    sorry guys, this has to be put on indefinite hold while i deal with a bunch of real life stuff (moving, etc)

    if any of you are feeling like being bored... run the numbers on that Enthusiasm mechanic and let me know if it's working as i intend: starting at 50 Enthusiasm, should hit 100 Enthusiasm within 3-4 seconds, and then be able to go from 25 to 100 in the following 4-5 seconds (my current concept is that certain mechanic consumes 75 Enthusiasm once reaching 100). basically, if continually in combat (both champs just smashing on eachother like derps), should hit 100 within a few seconds of each reset. it's imperative that i maintain such in order for the concepted kit to flow properly.

    Nora Valkyrie of JNPR is a custom champion for League…

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