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Also new on this day

KazMx January 14, 2010 User blog:KazMx

Champion Rotation for Week 8 and New Bundles were released on this day. The new fee Champions as always came with the new Champion Poppy, and new Bundles for Badger Teemo and Phantom Karthus. So if you haven't updated to version V1.0.0.70, start the Client and begin to enjoy these new stuff Riot brought to all of their loyal fans.Both bundle sales will be offered only until January 17th, so grab 'em now before they’re gone! Once these deals end, the Phantom Karthus skin and Badger Teemo skin will return to their regular price. Click on the Bundles tab in the Store to purchase the Badger Teemo and Phantom Karthus bundles, available now!

Karthus Champion and Phantom Skin Bundle

Save 135 Riot Points on the new Phantom Karthus skin when you purchase the Karthus Champion and skin together. Karthus Champion and Phantom Skin (previously 1435 RP), now only 1300 RP!

Teemo Champion and Badger Skin Bundle

Save 50% on the new Badger Teemo skin when you purchase the Teemo Champion and skin together. Teemo Champion and Badger Skin (previously 1105 RP), now only 845 RP!

Source: New Bundles and Week 8 Champions

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