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New Free Champions (Week 16)

KazMx March 11, 2010 User blog:KazMx

Announcement made by RiotChris, Director of Marketing, on March 10, 2010.

We have rotated the 10 free Champions, and posted next week's free Champions. Check it out below.
The new 10 free Champions are:
Week 16 (this week):
Ashe Ranged DPS
Corki Mage
Gangplank Melee DPS
Gragas Tank
Jax Melee DPS
Kassadin Melee DPS
Malphite Melee DPS
Morgana Support
Sivir Ranged DPS
Veigar Mage

Week 17 (next week):
Alistar Tank
Annie Mage
Blitzcrank Tank
Janna Mage
Nasus Melee DPS
Taric Support
Teemo Ranged DPS
Twitch Ranged DPS
Zilean Support
Pantheon Melee DPS



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