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New Main Page 2010 Redesign

KazMx December 26, 2009 User blog:KazMx

League of Legends Wiki just got a new Main Page design, this new Main Page Scheme was made to commemorate the arrival of a new decade, if you are a little bit confused on some things let me help you out. There are 2 Top Bars the first one introduces you to the Wiki, and the second one gives you links to the core elements of the game (items, minions, summoners). Up to here everything seems normal, but then...

We start with the new features with the What's hot? section that gives you the perfect ammount of information for you to know about the Wiki, the game, and lore behind it.

The section below you already know it: Featured Champion, with Annie premiering the new page design. After that we got a new Did you know...? section, that gives you details that only those fortunate enough know.

In the other section we have the brand new News section, and the Helping out section.

I'm planning to expand with new features like: User of the Month, Push Lane (Community focus on an Article improvement), Featured Item, and Server status.

Happy Holidays. xD

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