Announcement made by MrCrumb, an Associate Media Producer, on March 9, 2010.

Summoners, please take note! The wait for the new patch will soon be over. Ezreal is joining the League of Legends, and he brought his friend Highland Tryndamere to the party. And they're in good company... at least if you consider ghosts to be good company!
Nottingham Ezreal Bundle
We'll be releasing a new champion, and you'll have the opportunity to pick up the first skin for this new champ at 50% off. Snag the always fashionable Ezrael along with his Nottingham threads at a reduced price. But remember: this offer will be available for a limited time only.
Ezreal Champion + Nottingham Ezreal skin (normally 1495 RP), will be only 1235 RP!
This bundle will be available only until Sunday, March 14, so don't miss out! Click on the Bundles tab in the Store to purchase this Ezreal bundle.
Ghost Skins Have Arrived!
If you've ever played a game as either Gangplank or Fiddlesticks, you might have noticed two particular phantom skins at the champion selection that exhibit a conspicuous lack of availability. Well, the wait is over. The Spooky Gangplank and Spectral Fiddlesticks skins are on their way!
To celebrate the coming of the ghosts, these skins will be available for 20% off through the weekend. After this Sunday, March 14, the ghost skins will return to their regular price. Oh, it's a good day to be a Runeterran… unless of course you're afraid of ghosts. Click on the Skins tab in the Store to purchase these ghost skins.
Highland Tryndamere
Also in the new patch, the Barbarian King will have some sweet Scottish digs available. If you’ve ever caught yourself humming bagpipe music, experiencing a craving for haggis, or wishing you had more occasions to wear that kilt you’ve got hung up in your closet, this one is going to be a must have for you. So shout your favorite battle cry, sharpen your claymore, and click on the Skins tab in the Store to purchase the Highland Tryndamere skin. The pipes, the pipes are calling! [1]

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