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News: PC Gamer on Replay Tool

KazMx February 10, 2011 User blog:KazMx

I found the news again in PC Gamer[1], and I thought I could share it with the Wiki community.

A duo of talented Perth programmers have released an unofficial replay tool for League of Legends.

Matt and Cam are Perth-based programmers who got impatient waiting for Riot Games to release an official replay program. They put the tool together in three weeks after waiting two years for Riot Games to produce their own. Seeing as the tool doesn’t directly interface with the League of Legends’ client, Riot are currently removing links on their forums as they decide what course to take.

Players no longer have to rely on the old resource intensive method of video recording their session, but can instead record network traffic and re-create it afterwards. What makes this special is that it allows for full map interactivity, and different perspectives on each match. The pair have not yet overcome the main problem of regular patches to the game.

The tool is called “LOL Replay” and can be downloaded from Matt and Cam’s site. Hopefully it will open the way for a whole host of budding LoL shoutcasters.

If you’re feeling LoLish, check out PCG’s exclusive reveal of Maokai and Jarvan IV and the design process behind them and other champions.


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