Hello LoL Wikians, here is a quick update from me

  1. The Riot answer for the "merger" hasn't been answer so that discussion is on hold until we receive any notice from Riot Games.
  2. The Bureaucrats have a new tool against the vandalism, it will be rarely use, only on the extreme cases.
  3. Many users have gone MIA, but the most important part is that many of them have administrative rights or edition rights. So we may start to enforce a policy of Wiki for this type of actions. It is up to discussion right now, but the deal goes like this: after (at least) 45 days of inactivity the user will be warned about losing his or her rights.
  4. And finally since the Age of Empires Online Beta has ended I'll be contributing a lot more often, like every 15 minutes!!!

Thank you people, see you at the Recent Changes... ;)

- KazMx ( Message me! | E-Mail me! | 11,646 Edits! ) - ( 06:06,7/6/2011 )