Lately I've seen a lot of Request for Permissions from a lot of Users, which is great and awesome that a lot of people is interested in becoming an important part to this wiki. But what I have been noticing is the large amount of Popularity Contest we have around here.

This started a long time ago. I was an very active editor back then. And unfortunately this has caused some troubles, so now I see the importance to get back to my first wiki. As you may now I've been editing here constantly and I've been taking the roll of many users out there.

But what shocks me the most is the following one user: Tech. He is the most annoying person I've met recently, but nonetheless he is a hardworking editor, and a thing that may shock many of you: He is the third active editor with most (MAIN) edits above one admin and another 2 crats. Actually if you wanna take a look yourself:

  1. Special:Editcount/Sam 3010
  2. Special:Editcount/Technology Wizard
  3. Special:Editcount/NeonSpotlight
  4. Special:Editcount/Ajraddatz

One user which most of you dislike, taught me something very important. The Wiki is all about the content, not the people, not the admins, not even the irrelevant comments. It is very disturbing that for the rest of the Bureaucrats, if the comments were removed it would mean their edit count halved, or even reduced to a tenth. And you know the downside about the comments? It is that they barely have an impact in the Wiki in the long term.

I've seen more Purple lately in the RC than any other color. I had to finish a giveaway because the person in charge never took any actions. The only project I've seen recently was mainly promoted by a purple.


So here I ask myself, if we raise the bar so high for a user that clearly is besting many of us, why don't we do the same for the for the yellows which lately we seem to be sleeping on the job. So here is my Challenge:

For the following months all the yellows have to (a) promote projects that directly affects, promotes, or improves the Wiki, (b) the projects can be done solo or with the rest of the community.

The one who can't handle that it is obviously not fit for the job, and don't tell me about girlfriends, job, school or other wikis. Because I have the four of them. That user who really can'y do this will be asked to step down from his position. Why? because being a bureaucrat is a well earned privilege, not a popularity contest. And besides no wiki needs more than one at any given time. - KazMx ( Message me! | E-Mail me! | 11,646 Edits! ) - ( 18:34,9/10/2011 )