Sorry about the long time without your new Summoners, I've been playing a lot lately so you can rest knowing your dearly beloved Sysop is spending his time in a fruitful manner. So lets cut to the chase, there have been two major updates that went almost unnoticed here, although their pages were created (V1.0.0.74 and V1.0.0.75), the release of a MordekaiserSquare new champ, two (EzrealSquare Ezreal and KennenSquare Kennen) that are on their way to Test Realm and then to the Real Client, skins releases, 2010 Winter Games Celebration ending, and some other stuff may be missing.

But here are what I will be working on this Week:

  • Updates on the new Champions
  • Separation of News Blog into Community news and Riot Games updates
  • Updates for all champions (up to their most recent patch)
  • Improving the Main Page and templates.
  • Giving you new Featured Champions.

So lets hope for the best...

- Kaz out...