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Weekend Ashe Skins Sale: 50% Off Freljord, Sherwood Forest and Woad Ashe skins

KazMx August 19, 2010 User blog:KazMx

From Friday, August 20th through Monday, August 23rd, the Freljord, Sherwood Forest, and Woad Ashe Ashe skins will be available for 50% off.

Freljord Ashe skin (regularly 520 RP) will be only 260 RP!
Sherwood Forest Ashe skin (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP!
Woad Ashe skin (regularly 975 RP) will be only 487 RP!

After Monday, August 23rd, these skins will return to their regular prices. Click on the Skins tab in the Store to purchase these discounted skins.[1]

- RiotLaura, Marketing Manager

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  • Freljord Skin
  • Freljord Skin
  • Sherwood Forest Skin
  • Sherwood Forest Skin
  • Woad Skin
  • Woad Skin


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