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    Titania - The Dryad Princess

    The Forest is a place of teeming life, and therefore , energy and magic. The natural resulsts of

    this abundance are races of spirits, such as the wood nymphs (dryad) . Dryads have powers to shapeshift into any plant they desire also using this ability helps them regain their magic and energy. Dryads are known as Sorcerers of the forest

    (Innate): After every 4 spell casts. On Titania's next spell she mixes her spell with magical seeds that will reduce the enemies armor and magic resist depending on Titanias attack damage and ability power . Only works on champions

    • Duration: 1.75 seconds
    • 4.5% / 9.5% / 11.5% of Titania's attack damage will reduce the enemies armor. ( Max: 40 armor reduction)

    • 1.87% / 4.23% / 6.1% of Titan…

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