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  • Kelly.miiko

    I've had people telling me that Caitlyn is very sub-par compared to other ranged carries such as Corki, Vayne, and Ashe. This is understandable: Corki has great utility, Vayne's damage is insane, and Ashe is one of the greatest kiters/initiators in game. However, Caitlyn, in my opinion, still have some great uses.

    One: Her range. Outranged by Tristana late-game, and Kog'Maw with ult up. But it's still amazing, especially early game, since you can harass so well with it. And even late-game, you can just stand behind the tank and DPS, because your range allows both safety and damage.

    Two: Her farm. It's just insane. Caitlyn farms like a boss with her Q, which make it really useful for split pushing. And last-hitting with Caitlyn is really easy…

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