I've had people telling me that Caitlyn is very sub-par compared to other ranged carries such as Corki, Vayne, and Ashe. This is understandable: Corki has great utility, Vayne's damage is insane, and Ashe is one of the greatest kiters/initiators in game. However, Caitlyn, in my opinion, still have some great uses.

One: Her range. Outranged by Tristana late-game, and Kog'Maw with ult up. But it's still amazing, especially early game, since you can harass so well with it. And even late-game, you can just stand behind the tank and DPS, because your range allows both safety and damage.

Two: Her farm. It's just insane. Caitlyn farms like a boss with her Q, which make it really useful for split pushing. And last-hitting with Caitlyn is really easy for me. I don't know about others, but that's her for me.

Three: Her utility. I don't know how many times her traps have saved me from ganks. Her net is especially useful if you're being chased. Not only does it slows, it pushes you away. Chain CC with traps is amazing if you need an opponent pinned down.

Four: Her damage. Who said her damage is negligible? Late game, with a Phantom Dancer, 3 Bloodthirsters, and Last Whisper, I can crit for 1200 damage. It's obviously not comparable to Vayne's or Corki's true damage, but it's still a high amount. And to those who said her skills are worthless late-game: Caitlyn's a DPS carry. DPS, not nuke. Your strength lies in your basic attacks and not your Q spam.

If there is anything I dislike about Caitlyn, it's that her skills have really long animation times. Otherwise, I found her a very, very viable carry. This isn't a "Caitlyn is not UP" blog, it's just my opinions on her compared to people who found her less viable than others.