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Aerie, The Celestial Princess

Kenetron January 4, 2013 User blog:Kenetron

Aerie, the Celestial Princess

Passive Ability: Aurora

 Everytime Aerie cast a spell to an enemy champion, she deals extra 10 (+12 x level of Ability) true damage to surrounding enemies around the target champion. This Ability has 2 seconds cooldown.

Ability Q : Sky Fall

 Aerie marks the 2 nearst enemy (specializes champions) for 3 seconds or until the target attack an ally. This will detonate the mark and Aerie summons 2 fireballs that deals 55|70|85|100|115 (+ 75% AP) magic damage to each marked enemy and stuns them for 1 second.

mana : 60|70|80|90|100     cooldown : 14|13|12|11|10

Ability W : Nova Crater

Passive: Aerie can cast this spell up to 10 times. If Aerie kills an enemy with one of her abilities, she restores 5|7|9|11|13% of her maximum mana.   

Active: Aerie summons a crater to an area that when strucked by an enemy, It will heal Aerie for 10% (+ 2% per 100 health loss) of her loss health and deals 85|115|145|175|205 (+80% AP) magic damage all over 3 seconds.

mana : 75|105|135|265|195     cooldown : 6|5|4|3|2

Ability E : Astral Flare

Aerie summons a flare in a line dealing 70|110|150|190|230 (+85% AP) magic damage. If Aerie takes damage from enemies before casting this spell, she be will healed equal to 3|5|7|9|11% (+3% per 100 AP) of her Current health all over 2 seconds after the enemies had taken the damage.

mana : 80|90|100|110|120     cooldown : 12|11|10|9|8

Ability R : Lunar Blast

 1st cast : Aerie summons the darkness all over the map that blinds enemy champions for 3 seconds.

  2nd cast : Aerie summons the lightness all over the map dealing 150|250|350 (+ 90% AP) magic damage to all enemy champions.

mana : 200|250|300     cooldown : 180|160|140

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