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Braze, the Technomage

Kenetron January 20, 2013 User blog:Kenetron

Passive Ability : Mage Cloak

   Braze gains 10|15|20|25 armor and 8|12|16|20 magic resist while in combat.

Ability Q : Hyper Blast

   Braze shoots target enemy with a blast dealing 65|95|135|175|225 (+70% AP) magic damage and reduce there mana and health regeneration by 40% for 5 seconds.
 cost: 45|55|65|75|85     cooldown: 10|9|8|7|6

Ability W : Gunk Shot

   Braze shoots sticky gunk to an area dealing 35|45|65|75|85 (+40% AP) each second and slowing there movement speed by 50%for 1 second. Continuous effect for 3 seconds will stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds.
 cost: 70|85|100|115|130     cooldown: 15|14|13|12|11

Ability E : Feral Light

   Braze summons a light to an area revealing stealthed traps and enemies for 5 seconds. If an enemy has higher attack damage or ability power than Braze's, this deal 25|35|45|55|65 (+60% AP) plus 70% of the enemy's ability power or attack damage as magic damage each second for 5 seconds.
 cost: 100|110|120|130|140     cooldown: 30|26|22|18|14

Ability R : Blade Burst Bane

   Braze shoots out blades in a cone dealing 135|270|540 (+80% AP) magic damage and slow their movement speeds by 35% for 3 seconds. If this ability does a killing blow to enemy, this will reduce the cooldown of this ability by 10 seconds.
 cost: 100|180|260    cooldown: 210|180|150

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