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Ceresse,the Starcrafter

Passive Ability: Cosmos

   Ceres 1st basic attacks to targets leaves a mark for 3 seconds.

Ceres basic attack against marked targets deals magic damage equal to 5% of the damage dealt.

  damage: 6%|9%|12%|15% (+60% AP)

Ability 1: Star Shot

  Ceres's shoots a star to the target dealing 20 physical damage and blinds it for 2 seconds. Returns 80% of the damage taken from blinded targets.
  mana: 45|50|55|60|65                  damage: 20|40|60|80|100 (+75% AP)
  cooldown: 13|12|11|10|9               blind: 2|2.5|3|3.5|4

Ability 2: Cosmic Art

  Ceres fires fireworks in a cone dealing 45 magic damage and applies the mark.
  mana: 50|65|80|95|110                 damage:

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