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Enigma: The Ancient Storm I

Kenetron September 23, 2013 User blog:Kenetron

Peace and balance, thats Ionia, but after the tragic storm that destroys alot of peoples lives, Ionia still stand up raise their territory. Karma, the Enlightened One senses a mantra on the way to Ionia and she realized it's not just an ordinary mantra, the winds are howling toward Ionia and there she readies herself and her state for an upcoming storm. " Guards! Open the hall and call all leaders to have a meeting with me." she said to the guards. As she walks toward the hall, she suddenly felt pain in her chest and still she strive to get to the meeting. As she arrives to other leaders of Ionia, she felt down and kneel for a few seconds, then she sees a visions of Ionia being struck and controled by an ancient storm with a silhouette of a unknown person or monster. After then, she cried then stands up and goes to her table and their she announced to other leaders what she have been visioned of Ionia and felt.

Meanwhile in Syndra's Floating castle, a troop of unknowned monsters appears to Syndra, the Dark Sovereign. Then she realize that those monsters are just visions when she tried to control one of the monsters then failed. She noticed that one of her orbs are cracking and inside she sees a light. and got the same visions like Karma had. 

Then all other champions in Ionia got the same visions, but except for Udry, the Spirit Walker. He Already visions this things before and he awaits for it's rampage. But their he visions that a dragon and lots of monsters is heading for him and tried to kill him. "Peace, Balance, and..... Harmony" he meditates.

While back on Karma's room.... she finds herself touching the flame and her hands doesn't burn or hurt for some point, but thinking of the vision she had earlier,  makes her feel terrible so she sleep for a while. But on her sleep, she dreams the vision that destroys Ionia one by one as a justicar fighter approaches in the sky and saved her, there in that part she wake ups and felt reliefed after a sudden danger she encountered in her dream, but, Karma still find trouble if who was that justicar fighter and what's her connection to Ionia....

   To be continued....