Passive Ability : Feral Bloodline and Corpses

    Frid's abilities has 20% chance to turn enemy corpse into allied pets. Corpses gains defense stats equal to 10% of Frid's defense stats. Kills made by corpses grants Frid gold.

Ability Q : Morph Sphere

 Active : Frid fires a sphere to the target area dealing 80 magic damage.
 Corpse: Revived and gains 200 attack range and deals 15 magic damage for 10 seconds.
   mana: 55|65|75|85|95     damage: 80|110|140|170|200 (+100% Ability Power)
   cooldown: 11|10|9|8|7    Corpse damage: 15|20|25|30|35 (+10% Ability Power)

Ability W : Contagious Illness

 Active : Frid casts an orb to a target enemy dealing 100 magic damage allover 3 seconds. If the target is killed, the orb splits into 2 and bouces to 2 nearest enemies dealing half of the damage all over 3 seconds.
   mana: 85|100|115|130|145      damage: 100|170|240|310|380 (+70% Ability Power)
   cooldown: 15|13.75|12.5|11.25|10

Ability E : Prison Dome

 Active : Frid creates a dome to an area in a delay duration that traps enemies inflicting grievous wounds for 5 seconds. If the trapped enemy tries to escape, this will deal 75 magic damage each second and stuns it for 1 second.
   mana: 100|110|120|130|140      damage: 75|95|115|135|155 (+35% Ability Power) 
   cooldown: 20|18|16|14|12       Stun: 1|1.5|1|2.5|3

Ability R : Blade Slice

 Active : Frid's next basic attack deals 135 physical damage and temporarily reduces the target's current health equal to the target's maximum health by 10% for 5 seconds. If Frid kill his target before the duration ends, he gains bonus health by 10% of his maximum health for 20 seconds.
    mana: 50|60|70|80|90      damage: 135|175|225 (+100% Attack Damage)
    cooldown: 120|110|100     maximum health: 10%|15%|20%