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Harriet, Decipher of War

Kenetron March 21, 2013 User blog:Kenetron

Passive Ability: Indistinct Marks

   Harriet's basic attacks leaves a mark to the target for 7 seconds. The marks can be manipulate through his other abilities.

Ability| Q: Chain Lasers

 Active : Harriet fires a laser toward the target dealing magic damage and bounces to another target. It makes up to 5 bounces. Marked enemies are dealt a percentage of the damage.
 cost : 80|85|90|95|100 mana            Damage: 65|105|145|185|225 (+ 70% AP)
 cool down : 11                         Amplification: 30%|40%|50%|60%|70%

Ability| W: Flare-up

 Passive : Dealing magic damage deals bonus damage equal to percentage of the target's Health. Doubles the effect against marked enemies.
 Active : Harriet suddenly burst out flame to  nearby enemies dealing magic damage each second for 2 seconds.
 cost : 60|70|80|90|100 mana           Damage : 30|45|60|75|90 (+ 40% AP)
 cool down : 15                        Passive : 2.5%|3%|3.5%|4%|4.5%

Ability| E: Power Convertion

 Active : Harriet converts percentage of his ability power into attack damage for 5 seconds. Each attack to same target deals 5% more damage. Stacks up to 3 times.
 cost : 100 mana                       Damage : 25%|35%|45%|55%|65%

Ability| R: Multi-Fireballs

 Active : Harriet fires fireballs to enemies around him dealing magic damage. Marked enemies are stunned for 1 second.
 cost : 100|125|150                   Damage : 150|250|350 (+ 85% AP) 
 cool down : 100                      Stun : 1|1.5|2 seconds

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