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Ireon, the Descendant of Orion

Kenetron January 24, 2013 User blog:Kenetron

passive ability : Righteousness

   Ireon gains 5%|6.5%|8%|10% attack speed and movement speed every time he deals damage to an enemy champion that last for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

ability Q : Roar

  Ireon roars in a cone dealing 55|95|135|175|215 (+165% bonus AD) physical damage and fears all enemies for 1 second.
 cost : 35|45|55|65|75    cool down : 12|11|10|9|8

ability W : Scratch

  Ireon's next basic attack scratches the target dealing 95|135|165|195|225 

(+75% AP) magic damage all over 2 seconds and stunning them for 1 second after the 2 seconds. If the target has health below 20%|25%|30%|35%|40%, Ireon's next basic attack deals additional 90|120|150|180|210 magic damage to the same target.

 cost : 55|75|95|115|135    cool down : 16|15|14|13|12

ability E : Dash

  Ireon gains 5%|6.5%|8%|9.5%|11% movement speed each second for 5 seconds. when it reached to maximum it will last for another 5 seconds. Bonus movement speed will vanish if entered combat.
 cost : 35|50|65|80|95    cool down : 20|18|16|14|12

ability R : Dash, Leap, Scratch and Roar

  Ireon gains 4% movement speed each second up to 40%, granting him increase 125 attack range to all it's abilities and basic attacks, increase AD and AP by 40, and grants armor and magic penetrations by 20%.
 cost : 75|95|115 partial cost    cool down : 30|25|20
      : 10|15|20 per second cost

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