Xantus,The Wrath of Death

Roles: AD Carry,Assassin

Xantus uses a Fury bar instead of the usual Mana bar.He gains 2 Fury for every auto attack and gains 1 Fury passively and has a max Fury of 100.when out of combat for 5 seconds,he loses 5 fury per second.

Death Is Near (Innate):Xantus senses and gains sight of every nearby enemy champion that drops below 30% of health,increasing his movement speed and attack speed by 5% per champion nearby.


Trail of Death(Q):(Active) flies to a target champion,3 champions once this skill is Level 5,dealing damage to them while leaving a trail of Death that increases the movement speed of Xantus if he walks on top of it and deals damage to enemy units that walks on it and applies a Mark of Death.

Cooldown:5 seconds

No cost

Physical Damage:45/70/95/120/145

Soul Reap(W):(Passive):Xantus gains 5/10/15/20/25% lifesteal

(Active):Xantus swings his scythe around him,applying Bleed and restores health depending on the base amount of damage dealt to the units surrounding him.

Cooldown:2 second

No cost

Damnation(E):Xantus powers up his scythe for 5 seconds,dealing additional damage and increases his movement speed.

Cooldown:6 seconds

Physical damage:40/75/110/145/180(+1.0 Per critical strike)

Movement speed bonus:35/40/45/50/55%

Death's Fury(R):(Active)Xantus transforms into the form of Death,gaining increased health and size.While in this form,Xantus deals magic damage to nearby enemies and generates 2 fury for every auto attack.Also increases the damage of all abilities while in Death form.

Cooldown:25 seconds

Cost:100 Fury

Hope u guys like this champion cuz this is my first Champion concept and I always wanted to publish this champion's abilities.U can also leave a comment down below so that I can tweak some of Xantus' problems :D