• Ketsuko Amayoshi

    Lore: Deep in the dense dark fields of Noxus lies a teenage boy being possessed by a Soul Dwelling Shadow named Kurai. No one in Noxus could face the over-powering strength of the shadow so they all kneeled down in honor to Kon Zhai who now possesses the power of the wretched darkness. Kon soon realized that he could use his strength to overcome all nations and take over Noxus and Demacia. Doom has arrived at last..

    "ALL SHALL SUFFER BEFORE ME!! None.. None will not go unpunished without my permission. FOR I AM THEIR FUTURE RULER!!"- Kon Zhai

    -Health (at lvl.1): 550HP; (at lvl.18): 1660HP

    -Mana (at lvl.1): 330MP; (at lvl.18): 1220MP

    -Primary Role: Marksman; Secondary: Fighter

    -Auto-Attacks: Shadow spheres

    Passive: Dark Vengence- When an ally is …

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