Lore: Deep in the dense dark fields of Noxus lies a teenage boy being possessed by a Soul Dwelling Shadow named Kurai. No one in Noxus could face the over-powering strength of the shadow so they all kneeled down in honor to Kon Zhai who now possesses the power of the wretched darkness. Kon soon realized that he could use his strength to overcome all nations and take over Noxus and Demacia. Doom has arrived at last..

"ALL SHALL SUFFER BEFORE ME!! None.. None will not go unpunished without my permission. FOR I AM THEIR FUTURE RULER!!"- Kon Zhai

-Health (at lvl.1): 550HP; (at lvl.18): 1660HP

-Mana (at lvl.1): 330MP; (at lvl.18): 1220MP

-Primary Role: Marksman; Secondary: Fighter

-Auto-Attacks: Shadow spheres

Passive: Dark Vengence- When an ally is below 20% health, Kon gains +30% Attack Speed, +50 Attack Damage, +15% life steal, and +45% movement speed. (Cooldown: 130 seconds)

Q- Soul Piercings: Kon Zhai fires a bloody shadow chain that pierces through enemy Champions and monsters. 50/55/65/80/100 mana (Cooldown: 8 seconds)

W- Soul Crushers: For each fifth basic attack, Kon Zhai deals additional physical damage to enemies. 15>25>40>60>75 Additional Damage

E- Shadow Dash: Kon turns into a shadow and becomes untargeted for 3 seconds. Press skill a second time to perform a quick dash. 70/70/70/70/70 mana (Duration Times: 3>3.5>4>4.5>5 seconds) (Cooldown: 10 seconds)

R- SHADOW CHAOS: Kon tranforms into Kurai then hunts down and stuns enemies within his ultimate's range. Enemies outside of his range and approaches Kurai will fear him for 4 seconds. 100/100/100/100/100 mana (Cooldown: 150 seconds)