• Kevikyle11

    Narkk, The Fugitive of time is a custom champion for League of Legends. This is based on a hypothetical alternate reality version of Ekko, who has aged quite a lot and become jaded and mature. Sometime in this timeline's future, the Z-Drive is horribly damaged while in use, shooting him many years back into the past, and leaving him unable to return.

    flat bonus movement speed. Narkk can perform a basic attack or cast an ability to immediately end the effect.

    If he ends the effect with an attack, the attack gains a modified 600 range, and causes him to blink to his target.

    Narkk cannot directly control when he becomes Distorted, but his basic attacks decrease the time interval to his next distortion by 1 second, and casting abilities decreases t…

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  • Kevikyle11

    Mael, Avatar of Lightning is a custom champion concept.

    damage reduction until he attacks or uses an ability.


    Mael holds two Spears, and gains 50 bonus attack range when holding at least one of them.

    |description2 = Mael flings one of his Spears into the air, which then falls onto a target location after a 0.5 second delay, dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

    The Spear then remains in the ground indefinitely, granting vision in a small radius.

    Right-clicking on a Spear, or moving too far away from a Spear, causes it to teleport back to Mael after 1 second.

    This ability cannot be cast if Mael is not holding at least one of his two Spears.

    If a Spear lands within 550-range of another Spear already in the ground, a spark of electricity jumps between …

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