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Noxuswood Stake

Noxuswood Stake
Kha Noxuswood Stake.png
Tier Advanced
Effects +45 attack damage
Passive Unique: +13% spell vamp.
Unique: On cast, places a debuff on the target that causes next basic attack to deal bonus physical damage equal to 8% of the target's maximum health and restore 75% of that amount to the attacker (Only procs on single-target offensive abilities and summoner spells). Deals double damage to minions. 9 second cooldown.
Menu Attack > Damage
Attack > Critical Strike
Item cost 2395g (955g)
Sell value 1630g
Item code 0000

Noxuswood Stake is a suggested Advanced item.


If you have ever played as an AD caster-type champion, you know that there's a lot of items that you just don't want to buy because of that single useless stat they provide. This item solves the problem, and with it's "life-draining" active you can allow yourself (or your ally) to stay in the lane a while longer, which is especially useful for champions with little to no natural sustain.

Champions that beg for this item:

(No really, name me an item that provides spellvamp and is not for ability power stacking mages.)


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  • This is just a suggested item. It does not belong to actual in-game content and should not be treated as such.
  • Visit my 20px-5159141.png userpage for more item suggestions.

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