Rasquerion's Heartswapper
Kha Heartswapper.png
Tier Advanced
Effects +55 armor
+55 magic resistance
Passive Unique: Grants 0.22 health regeneration per every point of armor and 0.16 mana regeneration per every point of magic resistance on your champion.
Active Unique: Transfers 12% of your current health and mana to a target allied champion over 4 seconds in a tether-like manner. User is snared for the duration. Channeling stops when the range between the target and the user exceeds the item range, or either when the user takes damage or is interrupted by hard CC (700 range). 100 second cooldown.
Menu Defense > Armor
Defense > Magic Resistance
Item cost 2570g (1130g)
Sell value 1745g
Item code 0000

Rasquerion's Heartswapper is a suggested advanced item.


Similar Items

  • None.


  • The active transfers 1.5% of health and mana your champion had at the start of the duration of this effect every 0.5 second. This means that every tick transfers the same amout of health and mana as the previous one with no reductions.
  • If the target champion is manaless, no mana is transferred in the process.
  • Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage does not amplify the amount of health recieved by the target. In fact, those values are static and cannot be changed by any means during the channel.
  • This is just a suggested item. It does not belong to actual in-game content and should not be treated as such.
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