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The Bonecrusher

The Bonecrusher
Kha The Bonecrusher.png
Tier Advanced
Effects +85 attack damage
Passive Unique: Your basic attacks deal 0.15% increased damage (0.45% on enemy champions) for every 1% of target's missing health. Consecutive hits on the same target have the amplified damage bonus reduced by 15% each hit down to 0.05% (0.15% on enemy champions) per 1% of health missing. This passive effect does not apply to structures.
Menu Attack > Damage
Item cost 3830g (1205g)
Sell value 2695g
Item code 0000

The Bonecrusher is a suggested advanced item.


Similar Items

  • None


  • The effect of reduced damage with every consecutive hit on the same target is nullified when the targets are switched, the target dies, or after a certain amount of time passes (around 10 seconds).
  • Thornmail item.png Thornmail's passive returns the amplified damage accordingly.
  • This item has been fully reworked. Previous versions of this item can be found Kha The Bonecrusher.png here.
  • This is just a suggested item. It does not belong to actual in-game content and should not be treated as such.
  • Visit my 20px-5159141.png userpage for more item suggestions.

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