hello fellow summoners , this is my first blog , i made an account  because of anonymous  comments being disabled (haha x) ) i write this blog to  help people who are not too sure about what item to pick with your ADC first , because i often see people picking  weird first items  as a starter on their ADC like a phantom dancer first  this is really important :   if you get a lead  it can change a lot if you use your money in an optimal way to  do more with the same amount of money or if you're behind or equal and the other adc buys  an item not as good as yours rushed  so we'll pick a few ADC and see  what damage they actually dish with which items   rushed i wanted to pick graves  in the numbers but it seems like nobody plays him anymore jsut like corki according to lolking so i'll go with the 3 most used ADC: * caitlyn

  • miss fortune
  • ezreal

( btw  mf  has a much better winrate than the two others , i guess ez is  fun to play but not so awesome anymore, cait is roughly 50%)

so you can confront them if you want after but this is more to do one after another  and see which item is best rushed ( although it can be situational but you'll see with the result which item is better rushed in which situation, and which is never to be rushed )

GOLD :   we will say that the adc has 5k gold for testing purposes  , ofc an IE is better than a PD alone because it's  MUCH more expensive  but we'll see with the same amount of gold so PD + something vs IE for example

RUNES :  we'll take runes  in the numbers so a basic runepage with 16 ad:   red/quints AD flat + 1  AD glyph (  swap a magic resist glyph to get  1 more AD  as it rounds down it you don't hit 16,  simple trick  1 more AD 1 less mr for laning)   basic  so  armor yellow and mr  / level or flat blue but we don't care about those , it to be closer to the actual in game stuff  not using arpen because it would make the  maths  work depending on enemy armor which we won't count

MASTERIES :  we'll take common  adc masteries with 21 offensive ( some go 21/9/0 , most pro players go 21/5/4 for flash and mana regen masteries , but we're only taking in account  the offensive part so we don't care about mana and stuff we'll go 21 offensive   that's it. (and we won't count havoc  mastery: it gives 2% wether you go IE or BT so it doesn't matter.)

LEVEL : we'll  try it at level 12 to be fair i guess 


so we'll take her base stats  (offensive ofc, i'm not interested in who  is most likely  to get instagibbed by a nida spear at level 6, but in what item to rush.)

AD : 47+ 3/ level

AS : 0.668 +3%/level


AD =83 base +16 runes + 3 masteries flat +  8,04 ( 12x0,67 deadliness mastery)= 110,04

AS = 0.90848 base  +0,02672 mastery: 0. AS + 20% berzerker's greaves= 0.9352+ 0.1336 =1,0688

AD: 110

AS: 0.98864

passive:  150% every 7th attack

                                 INFINITY EDGE rush:

first try : IE rush with zerks:  3800 +900g: 4700 g

AD:  180  ( 97 bonus AD  )

for 10 seconds of AAing :    10 AA (roughly 

180x 10= 1800 damage +  2.5 crit  ( 25% chance so )

one crit = 450

now once there's a half crit (  ofc people don't half crit but it's the dps  on 10 sec we try here), and one passive hit

180 x6 + 450x2 +315 + 270 =  1080 + 900 + 585= 2565

2565  AA damage in 10 sec

now spells :

we level R > Q > E > W

so Q level 5  180 + 130% AD

R level 2  475 + 200% bonus AD

E level 4   230 + 80% ap

W level 1 80 + 60% ap

414 (Q) +  669 (R) + 230 (E) + 80 ( W)= 1393

spells  deal 1393 damage here

now we saw the damage with zerks/ IE let's see with BT

                                                BLOODTHIRSTER  rush:

so we'll go with BT + zerks :  3200 +900 = 4100 g so add an avarice blade : 4900 g (  as fast as IE due to gold income  with avarice and farm bonus)

AD 210 (127 bonus)

same AS 

10 seconds of AA:

210 x 10  and once it crits as 10% chance

210x9 +420 

and one passive proc so

210 x8 + 420+315= 2415  ( 150 less than IE so -15/ AA)

spells damage:

453 (Q)+ 729 (R)  + 310 ( E+W)= 1492 damage (99 more than IE)

7 x15  = 105 you need to use 7 AA to deal as much damage   with an IE as you do with a BT after hiting  your spells

right now it's simple :  BT / avarice is superior to IE on cait ,  a LOT because  you have more burst (unless you crit all the time ofc) with spells + AA on short fights  AND you have  18% lifesteal which wasn't even in the maths.)

now that the logical part has been proven we'll see about phantom dancer  rush

                                      PHANTOM DANCER rush

now let's see PD rush: 900 g zerks + 2800 PD:  3700 so we can add a pickaxe for 875 g and a longsword 400g :

we have  zerks/ PD/ pickaxe/ longsword for 4975 g ( you'll use them for either IE/  vamp/ LW, etc...)

now let's see for AA :

you have

0,98864 AS + 0.334 AS (PD) = 1,32264 AS

110+ 25+10 AD: 135 AD ( 52 bonus)

you have 30% crit chance

so in 10 seconds you attack 13 times here! and do 30% crit 

you deal  13 times 135 without crit : 1755 now with crit :  + 30% damage as 30% will crit 

1755 x 130% = 2281 damage  now with passive you get  2 procs : + 175,5 damage =2456 damage per 10 sec

yes, you actually deal a  tiny bit more than with a BT

but i won't count the   spell damage as it will be utter crap.  so i won't waste my time

so basically   you don't deal more than an IE with either AAing or  casting spells 

so , on caitlyn   best rushed : BT, worst item rushed :  phantom dancer,  IE is not that good rushed but if you feel lucky about the crit, why not but it's a huge gamble and the  probabilities are not on your side.

this is true on a lot of adc i'm not sure wether i finish this or not for the other adc, simply because i don't know how to save this so i'd have to publish everytime instead of save and publish at the end