• Khnx

    Such Penetration. Vel'Koz approves. Phreak too.


    This is a chart i made which allows you to calculate the % increase in damage from buying Armor/MR penetration and even to compare 2 penetration builds.

    Tl;dr: Look at this.

    Ain't much for me to say. Try some stuff on your own.

    I was suprised by how effective flat pen is, especially when coupled with Last Whisper/Void Staff.

    Feedback appreciated. (I dont care if you hate Math. I like it.)

    Find speeling mistakes, keep em'. 

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  • Khnx

    First blog post.

    Welcome to my League of Math series bringing together 2 great things...

    Lets get started:

    For those who dont know: Kassadins passive allows him to takes 15% reduced magic damage (and to move through units, but thats irrelvant now).

    How much is that in MR?

    Well first of all, since it doesnt fall under the negative self-stacking of MR (did I get that right? English is not my native lang.) i.e. having much MR makes buying more MR less effective (As Willb32764 explained in this post), it always reduces damage by 15%, so it acually becomes more effective at high MR-levels (please dont do MR-Tank-Kassa though - we already have Galio :D). But HOW effective?

    These are some pretty Numbers.

    Or, more simple: Kassdin gains 17,6 MR + 17,6 MR …

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