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League of Math Ep.2 - All about Hentai (Penetration Charts)

Khnx August 30, 2014 User blog:Khnx

Such Penetration. Vel'Koz approves. Phreak too.


This is a chart i made which allows you to calculate the % increase in damage from buying Armor/MR penetration and even to compare 2 penetration builds.

Tl;dr: Look at this.

Khnx LoLPenetrationComparison

Effectivess of penetration. (1 is LW + Devastating Strikes, 2 is 30 flat + Devastating Strikes)

Ain't much for me to say. Try some stuff on your own.

I was suprised by how effective flat pen is, especially when coupled with Last Whisper/Void Staff.

Feedback appreciated. (I dont care if you hate Math. I like it.)

Find speeling mistakes, keep em'. 

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