• Kikanolo

    Channel DoTs

    May 11, 2014 by Kikanolo

    I just wanted to talk a bit about channeled DoT spells. Im not sure if this is the best term to describe them, but its basically what they are. Spells that are channels and deal damage throughout the duration of the channel. Unlike many channeled spells, the dont only deal damage at the end, but continual damage. 3 examples are Katarina Ult, Fiddle Drain, and Malzahar Ult. All three of these spells are extremely strong if allowed to go for their full duration, but are often interrupted. 

    However, many players can just use the ability and get interrupted, but still do quite a bt with the ticks they get off becuase of the time it takes of CC to reach, reaction time etc. Therefore, for reasons like these, the first few ticks are often guarante…

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  • Kikanolo

    Types of Pentas

    May 8, 2014 by Kikanolo

    I was thinking about pentas in general, and I realized that most champions could be classified into three types of penta-ers.

    Type 1: There are the teamfight penta-ers. These are champions with a kit that allows them to destroy a team in one teamfight, but champions that have lowish chasing power to secure escapers. These kits usually involve strong AoE

    Type 2: There are the cleanup penta-ers. Contrary to the way the name sounds, these penta-er dont just ks everyone, even though they technically can. These champions have mostly single-target damage, but very highh chasing power and are very strong at mopping up escapers from a lost fight.

    Type 3: Then there are those in between. These champions have a combination of the two, meaning that they…

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  • Kikanolo

    Comparing Champions

    March 28, 2014 by Kikanolo

    Something I hear a lot, both on the rift and on the forums, is that some champion is “better” than another. After examining the situation, I always find that this view is inaccurate, because it is a generalization. When conventionally comparing two champions, people will compare their ability to perform a certain action. This action may vary greatly, it could be their ability to initiate, disengage, assassinate, peel, etc.

    However the significant idea that is missed when champions are compared this way is that champions are different. Not so different that each and every champion has a different purpose, but different enough that even those with the same purpose do not achieve it in the same way.

    When people compare the competence of a champ…

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