I just wanted to talk a bit about channeled DoT spells. Im not sure if this is the best term to describe them, but its basically what they are. Spells that are channels and deal damage throughout the duration of the channel. Unlike many channeled spells, the dont only deal damage at the end, but continual damage. 3 examples are Katarina Ult, Fiddle Drain, and Malzahar Ult. All three of these spells are extremely strong if allowed to go for their full duration, but are often interrupted. 

However, many players can just use the ability and get interrupted, but still do quite a bt with the ticks they get off becuase of the time it takes of CC to reach, reaction time etc. Therefore, for reasons like these, the first few ticks are often guaranteed, and I find that slightly unfair.

The change i propose is this: To let the damage each second scale up to the same total as before. For example, a channeled DoT that previously did 300 magic damage per second for 3 seconds for a total of 900 might be changed to deal 200 for the 1st second, 300 for the 2nd second, and 400 for the 3rd second, still for a total of 900.

I feel that this would give champions for channeled DoT more incentive to play smarter as there is a greater reward for getting the full channel off. The first few ticks would be slightly weaker, leaving more counterplay open rather than having to take quite a bit of damage before your CC hits.

Overall, the same amount of damage is dealt at the end over the same amount of time, just at a different rate. This idea isnt new to the game, it already exists with mana costs (Swain's Ult), so I am just suggesting that you consider it for damage as well.