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Sarah, the Perfume Alchemist


Neutral Friendship/Everyones friend.

Sarah can't use basic attacks on enemies only cause it will ruin her friendship whit everyone. Instead her basic attacks can target an ally healing him by 75% of attack damage and 50% of ability damage. In addition she gains 6 Ability power every level.

Items in store cost 5% less for her handsome looking.


Gorgeous until death.

Sarah openes a Flacon of Perfectly made perfume healing allies by 2% of their maximum health every second over 10 seconds and dealing 1% magic damage of the enemies maximum health every second for 10 seconds.


No shirt, no shoes, NO SERVICE


Every time Sarah kills a unit or gets an assist she gets 10 gold and gains 2 gold for every dead unit near her.


For the hideous clothings of customers she pushes them back by 400 range away from Sarah and the ally she is healing.


Crafting a Perfume.

For 3 seconds Sarah stop any action she was using, regenerating 10% mana of maximum mana over 3 seconds to Sarah and bonded ally.


The Distraction of Attraction:

Sarah open her very first made Flacon of perfume inscreasing attack speed of allys near her by 40%, regenerating 2% of their maximum health every second over 25 seconds and slowing attack speed of enemies by 40% and dealing 5% of their maximum health every second over 10 seconds.

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