Raven , The Technical Expert

AD : 70

AP : 70

DP : 40

Difficulty : 30

Passive: AH - 113:Self-Guided Automatic Turret

Raven has 2 Turrets that deals 20(+5 x level) in magic damage. Each Turret has an attack speed of 2 attacks per second.

Q : Drill Launcher Cooldown : 3 sec. Mana: 50 mana

Passive : Each 4 spell, next spell will stun an enemy for 1 sec and has an stack of Electrified (max:3).Each stack of Electrified will increase the stun duration for .5 second

Active : Raven fires a drill missile that hits all enemy it encounter that deals 100/150/200/250/300 (+25% of AP)(+40% of AD).Each enemy hits does not decrease the damage

W : Hextech Electro-Explosive Bomb Cooldown : 1 sec. Mana : 20 mana

Raven place a bomb at target location . Enemy Champion who come within 100 range, it will explode in 250 AOE that stun for 1.5 second and deals 100/120/160/180/240 (+30% of AP)(+50% of AD) in magic damage for 3 seconds.

Hextech Electro-Explosive Bomb have a 5 minute duration.Raven can generate a new trap periodically, and can store up to 5 bombs at once.

E : Tazer-Attachment Gun Cooldown : 10 sec. Mana : 70 mana

Raven fire a gun that attach an enemy at first encounter that deals 50/70/90/110/130 (+40% of AP)(+60% of AD) and stun an enemy for .5 second per second that last for 3 seconds. While the enemy is attached, it will be slowed for 30/35/40/45/50 %

R : Airial Attack Cooldown : 120/100/80 sec. Mana : 150 mana

Raven sends a 2 rockets at a short delay that deals 150/200/250 (+60% of AP)(+90% of AD) at the first rocket and slows an enemy for 50% for 5 seconds. At the second rocket deals 50% more damage.

Raven can send another Arial Attack 3 time before it went on cooldown.The Arial Attack last for 20 seconds.