I started to play League of Legends about 10 mounths...... I had a friend who was playing it and i was asking him why he was playing it so pathetic....? he told me that it is the best game he had ever played and he proposed me to play it too.... i was playing heroes of newerth (HoN) but when the closed beta and we had to buy an account.... i said man why i have to pay for it when there is a free game LOL with the same gameplay and it is more popular.... so i joined on leagueoflegends.wikia.com and i created an account.' I knew the rules but i couldn't play cause it has summoner spells and new champ and as a result a fed and i suck but after some days i learnt more about it and started to play pretty good..... I started with the classik champ Ashe and then i started to play 'Ryze, Tryndamere,etc. After 4 mounths i bought me first pay safe and i get Kennen and Warwick. But when we had eastern i played Miss Fortune and i understand why LoL is so great and fantastic game.... because it has one op champ.... a real pirate who can kill you with 4hits!!!! The gameplay and the spells of Miss Fortune are so exciting and make me feel great when i play her..... My best games on rank are with her and ofc always i finish with possitive scor..... never but never negative with 'Miss Fortune.