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  • Kind-Hearted-One

    This is the official blog-post for the Champion Description Project, which has been migrated from the previous blog post in an effort to better present and standarize the information received there, for both easier access and greater clarity.

    For those of you who hadn't heard of this project, the Champion Description Project is a collective effort that aims to add short descriptions to each individual's champions pages. These descriptions are meant to be a short, flavorful but also informative, providing a brief but clear descriptions of that champion's theme, playstyle and feel. These descriptions are meant to aid both newbies and older players that, perhaps, had never given much thought to that champion's particular theme and playstyle, or …

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  • Kind-Hearted-One

    We have migrated to a new blog post. Anyone who still wants to contribute, is free to do it there! I'll still keep this one to check on the older suggestions made by users though.

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