Kaylm, The Zaunite Sniper

Art: He is to caitlyn as rammus or wukong is to twitch. Kinda corruppted, gun in hands, yeah.


Upgradeable (Innate): Kaylm gains a precentage of his ability power as bonus true damage that is added to each basic attack, each bullet from discharge, and lock and load. (This to make him build hybrid and screw over tanks or build AD and screw over everyone else.)

10% / 20% / 30% (1 / 7 / 13)

(Q)Acid Ammo

(Passive): Kaylm's ammo is made acidic by Zaunite Techmaturgy, passively reducing armor and melting skin.

(New mechanic here. If you still have armor then you take no damage from the abiliy, if you have no armor your take damage.)

(Active): Kaylm roll one of Singed's concotions in a strait line that explodes if it comes into contact with an enemy champion, or it reaches the end of its range.

(A bomb that applies his passive from acid ammo. Twice on the champion it explodes on. It is a pain bringer.)

(W)Gun Smash

Kaylm knocks up an enemy up into the air with the butt of his gun.

(Knock up with minor amounts of damage. Mostly a stalling / utility ability.)


Kaylm channels for a short duration, loading a few bullets into his rifle. His next basic attack will hit multiple times.

(Standard basic attack buff. Upgrading it encreases the channel time, lowers the cooldown, and increases the bullets fired.)

(R)Lock and Load

Kaylm loads and fires a Shredder Bullet at a target, dealing % health true damage and reducing armor and magic resist.

(Tank destroyer. It doesn't do much against people other than tanks and can be used in teamfights to weaken a strong tank.)

Overall he is meant to be a tank destroyer thanks to his Innate, Q, and R. This is my idea for an new champ that is the zaunite equivolent of Caitlyn.