(Abilities and Lore Being Worked On)

Hi, LoL Wiki, I bring to you Jīn, the Ancient Spirit. She is from Ionia, and is the first Elder to exist in the land before the current Elders have come to exist.

Jīn is a top lane champion, using abilites that uses a permanent companian/pet in lane, which is a spirit wolf. Jīn's abilities rely mostly on her wolf, Xīwà to both

deal damage, and to be used to seek out enemy champions by pressing the alt button to control Xīwà. Xīwà has two damage abilities to assist Jīn, dealing AP

damage while also giving one crowd control effect called "Path of the Wolf Spirit". Path of the Wolf Spirit is a unique ability, in which Xīwà locks target on an enemy

target, jumping onto them 3 times, slowing them for the first two jumps, then Xīwà applies a root. (Will Work On More Later)