• Kman034

    Hey there guys this is one of my first blog posts so bear with me and my English (it’s not my first language)

    This Post, or rather series of posts, will focus on introspective look in how to be a tank. I want to start this blog to help new players how to integrate themselves into the Meta, with one of the most basic but important roles in LoL. That being said, I hope this blog encourages some people to ask Riot to make more pure tanks and support tanks ( there are only 10 champions who are considered by Riot to be pure tanks), so there is more versatility and choice when someone wants to play the role of tank.

    The first thing I want to discuss is the roles of being a tank and the benefits of these roles in a team

    Now for the roles:


    Of co…

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  • Kman034

    Paradox The Quantum Anomaly

    November 12, 2012 by Kman034

    So this the first time i posted a custom champ here. I hope you like this time and space based originally an assassin, but a bit of a bruiser too, that I made. I'm posting his abilities for now and will edit the more technical stuff like stats and mana cost later on as well as the background story.

    NOTE: EVERYTHING IS NOT FINAL ESPECIALLY THE STAT, COOLDOWNS, MANA COSTS AND LEVELING Paradox the Quantum Anomaly is a custom champion in League of Legends.

    Whenever Xpectrobe uses an ability, an aura of distorted energy surrounds him, slowing enemies around him for their movement speed.

    |range= 250 }}

    |cooldown= |cost= (not final) |costtype= mana |range= 600 }}

    |cooldown= |cost= (not final) |costtype=mana |range= 350 }}

    |range= 690 |cooldown= |…

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