The Chain Mistress




Health: 385 (+80)

Health Regeneration: 4.95 (+0.65)

Uses Health

Range: 575 (Ranged)

Attack Damage: 50 (+2.75)

Attack Speed: 0.624 (+1.76%)

Armor: 10 (+3.75)

Magic Resistance: 30 (+0)

Movement Speed: 335


Passive: Chain Blast

Everytime Avaria's skills hits an enemy she generates 5/7/10/15 pains. When hitting an enemy she generates 7/10/15/20 pains. Upon reaching 100 pains, her next attack will deal 25/50/75/100 additional true damage to the enemy and healing her for the same amount

Q: Shackle

Avaria throws 2/2/3/3/4 consecutive chains dealing 45/60/100/120/150 (+55%AP) magical damage per chains in a line within the range 775. Each hit deals 25%less damage. Health Cost: 60 Cooldown: 15/13/10/8.5/6

W: Chain Snake

Avaria creates a snake with 200/300/400/500/600 health that revolves around her dealing 25/45/70/100/150 (+30%AP) magical damage in a line within the range 400. Health Cost: 50 Snake Duration: 5/7.5/10/13/16 Cooldown: 21/20/18.5/17/15

E: Chain Crusher

Avaria throws a large chain dealing 70/100/150/225/290 (+45% AP) on an area within the range 650 and diameter of AOE 400. Health Cost: 55 Cooldown: 18/17/15/13/10.5.

Ultimate: Torture

Avaria binds the enemy with chains dealing 200/350/500 (+15% AP) magical damage and stunning the enemy for 2 seconds within the range 625. Health Cost: 5% of Current health Cooldown: 150/120/90