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  • Krauserlols

    Yasuo the Win Master is finally out and its said that Riven is his rival cause she killed his master, and that confuses me a little.

    You see Riven has always been seen as a fighter who is spiritually connected to her sword, and its clear she doesnt use wind in order to control it.

    The closent thing i can think of is Ivy fro Soul Calibur, like Ivy It seems Riven skills revolves around controling her sword whit her mind, how is that? lets see:

    • Runic Blade: its prety self explanatory, the runes in Riven's blade (those symbols in each part of her sword) charge every time she uses a skill increasing the power of her next swing. No wind involved.
    • Broken Wing: No, there is no wind involved here what so ever, this is a normal Sword Combo that shows how…
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  • Krauserlols

    Hey there summoners here i am whit my lastest creation for a champion to the league. Jessie and Sully the Corporate Comando. i dont have a more fitting tittle for this great chubby economic mastermind.

    All champions have a theme, Ahri is a seductive kitsune (i think i wrote it right), Jarvan IV is this brave Demacian Hero whit a misterious past and some strange things inbetween, Miss FOrtune is... slutty gunslinger whit no personality yet somehow charms her foes before shooting them without them shooting her... you get the point all champs have a theme to go along (or are suposed to anyways) so i tried something diferent this time.

    Jessie is designed as the first money based "support", i say Support whit " " because... you will see.

    Before we…

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  • Krauserlols

    HEYLOW Summoners of the world here Krauserlols whit another blog for the League! plz enjoy

    Easy? since we love to show off our season winning icons and borders and stuff i though: "hey i love Jinx but i would like to share whit the world how much i love her in each game! but how?" so i figured why not giving champion icons for the summoners to show their love for a certain champion.

    You see i have been thinking a way to make "archivements" and instead of those why not having Badges you can show off in your profile.

    Remember those Honor badges? yeah something like that but some of them to Icons to go along whit them.

    Not exactly. As you play normal and ranked games whit an certain champion you acumulate points to unlock Icons of that champion.

    I …

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  • Krauserlols

    AAAAAAAAND im back once again to talk about yet another interresting girl on the leaue, this time: Lux the Lady of Luminosity.

    An interresting champ indeed. But what do we know about her?

    Born from the famous Crowguard family Lux was very skilled already but one day she discovered she had a especial connection whit a particular class of magic: Light.

    At first she was a just a scout, who also managed to hide behind enemy lines in Noxus and discover plans of a Noxian attack on Ionia. But how smart she really is?

    Apparently behind her cheerful, and kind of stupid looking, personality she seems pretty smart. Why? well the Noxian High Comand is suposed to have only the best of varius tipes of techinques in Noxus, counting Magic, Warfare and Espionag…

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  • Krauserlols

    So after much thought i finally found a way to put my hate for Miss Fortune in understandable words, sorta.

    What have all female (and male for that matter) champions in common? they all have a "theme" and all around that char is developed around that theme. here some examples:

    - Riven the Exile: Riven is a pretty interesting girl, shes a Noxian who was raised to fight for the cause whit strength and honor but seen how NOxians do their things she decided to run away, presumed to be dead after a chemical attack. In terms of Model and Voice it perfectly reflex her story, whit a strong yet calm voice and inspiring quotes, as for her model she wears what seems like rags of an old Noxian armor as well as her broken blade, making a reference to her …

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