I posting this "again" since last time i tried it seem to dissapear in thin air....

Anyways after looking at his kit i really hope is not the full vertion because is just unfitting to the Aatrox character, why? lets see:

When you look at his lore he is the first of 5 brothers (and sisters maybe?) that roam the world for battle bla bla bla. His lore shows him as some kind of Demon lord able to inspire armies into a bloodlust and along whit the Ez report its seems he had been around for quite long "helping" armies to win lost fights. It seems that Aatrox doesnt mind what that army is fighting for, freedom? conquest? defence? for Aatrox it only matters that you fight.

While we get to his skill set he seems..... boring, or at least unfitting to his character.

The only skills that are fitting are Dark Flight and his Passive that is very cool and havent seen such a skill before. meanwhile Blood thirst/price sounds.... strange, just strange. Blade of Torment while it may sound cool it also feels out of place somehow.

My major problem is his ultimate Massacre its just odd. He deals damage around him and increase his Range. Why Range WHY GIVING RANGE! it would normaly not be a problem if it comeplements whit his other skills like Jayce cannon stance and Kayle's E(?) but NO its on his ultimate and no ability takes adnçvantage of this. The name doent even make sence whit the effect.

When you hear a skill called massacre you imagine Sion's ult giving him AS and Lifesteal enough to murder the enemy team (if he can get in range of course) or some kind of Ulytimate power like Fiora's ult or hell even that vicious Syndra's ult.

A more fitting solution

Without changing much i think they could change his ult to fit in his role as a battle comander whit an Aura like Sivir. Here some ideas:

1- Aatrox increase his Lifesteal and Spell vamp whit sharing half of the amount to nearby allies.

This could help soe allies about to die to get back up on their feets. Fitting his role in the Lore.

2- Aatrox call his Allies into battle increasing their ( and his) damage output by a %, Aatrox recovers health ecual to a % of the damage they deal ( ajust to the reduced returns whit AoE and DoT skills like Lifesteal and spellvamp does).

This could make him work like how he is in his lore, inspìring allies to defeat their enenies while also getting healed in return.

REMEMBER those skills where announced but may (and hope) change by the time he is out. This is just what i think about his current skill set announced by RIOT themself and how it worries me that Aatrox may fall on his back before getting some respect.