As you guys know Super smash bros 4 (Universe?) is being in development and whit so many chars whit a posible invitation i though to myself just for fun "Hey what if Nintendo invites a champ of LoL?" why not? it could happen.

If it does happen who you think could represent LoL the better?

My vote goes to Katarina. Shes not just one of the cooles Assassins in LoL (for me) but shes also in almost all promotiions/ilustrations of LoL from the Dominion trailer to game packs and hell she was even in the very first Game trailer! fighting Master Yi! and if i know right she must be the very first assassin in the game... or was LeBlanc....

Anyways Kat has a large reputation behind her and on top of that i think she could fit Super Smash's gamplay. Think of Sheik but whit unique features to fit her fame as one of the deadliest Blades Masters in Noxus.

Just my two cents here who you think could represent LoL better? and please say why