Finally FUCKING FINALLY! RIOT made a female champion that is truly unique and outside of the "SEXY BIG BEWBSSSSSS!" syndrome, thank god i was loosing hope.

Mind you i do think that Quinn and Vi where outside of the Syndrome as well but Jinx is just a step way beyond that.

Unlike other females Jinx is very thin, white skinned, no boobs what so ever (though her ass is kinda nice :D) and is a complete spycho whit big guns, tons of belts (for no real reason) and a great personality.

As far as i have heard it seems RIOT is planning to keep this up as one of them asked people to to suggest about an upcoming Poppy VU. Really exited to see new girls coming up as they where overshadowed by sexier ones .

Dontget me wrong i like the sexy champions and have nothing against them (Exept Sarah Fortune i hate her) as long as they have a balance and a reason for been so sexy in their own way.

What you guys think about this? did you wanted Jinx to be another "BEEEEWBS" kind of champ or do you love her style. What about the other girls in league?

PS: Riven, Vi and Jinx are my top 3 girls ;)

ALMOST FORGOT: OMG why did i forgot that, thanks to Rossendale2 to remind me that after so many "JUSTICE/REVENGE/WHATEVER" kind of champions Jinx is one of the first to stand out and say: "what? i do this for fun!"

Jinx is not here to advenge a fallen friend, to conquer the world or any bullshit like that. Shes here just to blow shit up. On that note when was the last time a champion gave a reason to join the league?