Hello summoners here i am whit yet another post about LoL, this time whit the spyco ADC coming along to the league JINX!

Her skills look amazing (passive is kinda meh though) and her art and voice are a delight. Thus why a im frustrated whit the model.

if you take a look here In her revealher art shows her as a very thin, flat chested and whit a skin as white as a freaking paper, and lets not forget that epic face she always has, but in the 3D model she doesnt look as white as the art, come to think of it her skin is kind of ebony... also her face doesnt look as awesome and bizarre. Two things that have real conflict whit the character art.

Overall she looks pretty cool and im probably gonna buy her i just hope her model gets fixed by the time shes out.

Also "I wear many belts, for no particular reason"